Typical Day

Arrival: Children prepare for the session: hang up coats and bags on the cloakroom trolley and put plimsolls on.

8.45am – Doors open and children are invited in:

Below are a range of activities and equipment that are regularly available both inside and out in the garden:

Food and snack time

9.45am – Refreshment area open!

At Penenden Heath Pre-School we operate a free flow refreshment area which means that the children may choose when and what they would they would like to eat and drink.

They reserve their space by putting their name card in place then go and wash their hands. Whilst they do so the adult supporting the area will check the back of the card for any food restrictions / intolerances or allergies. Once seated the child will choose a coloured cup and plate then pour their own milk or water; they take a carbohydrate and independently spread “butter” or/and jam or cheese spread. The carbohydrate varies and as an example could be brown toast, a crumpet or maybe cereal.

The children then choose from a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. Special safety knives are available as the children are also encouraged to practice their cutting skills.

The children are supported by an adult throughout this very social time which encourages and supports them to develop independence, learn new skills and gain an understanding of their own bodies needs whilst also expressing preferences.

Once they have finished their snack the children then clear away their own crockery and wash it up – this is of course then re-washed by the adult after the area is closed.

11.45am Children staying all day prepare for lunch.

11.45am Children arrive for afternoon session at the front door whilst those leaving the morning session leave via the back door or garden.

Afternoon activities take place.

1.00pm – Refreshment area open! 

 2.45pm – All children leave via the garden gate or the back door of the hall